How to Tell Seminar

Today I attended part of the “How to Tell” Seminar run by the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority, (VARTA) in conjunction with the Donor Conception Support Group and Rainbow Families Council.

It was about telling children of their donor origins. It was a great event. Quite an intimate setting but well attended.

It made me more aware of some of the things my daughter may think and feel as she gets older. There were some wonderful teenagers talking about their experiences, some insights into how donor conceived people sometimes feel about different aspects of their identities,  personalities and potentially inherited traits and there was a sperm donor talking about his experiences. When he came out I was quite overwhelmed by seeing a person who represented what our donor had done for us. I felt immense gratitude for what he represented to me.

I  recommend it as a worthwhile event and will try and attend the whole thing next time.


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